Monday, February 2, 2009

Looking Forward to this Week

I'm trying to be positive about this week and its potential!

First, I have an appointment with a nurse practitioner on Tuesday morning to discuss the...errrr...digestive problems I've been experiencing for the past few weeks.  I called on Friday morning after vomiting, and wouldn't you know that my stomach has been acting more normal since then?  Well, with the exception of not being able to eat much food without feeling ill.  I guess it's good to get in anyway, even if there's not much she'll be able to do for me.  At the very least, I'll make a new patient appointment with the doctor that I'd like to start seeing as my GP; he works in the same office as the nurse practitioner, which is how I found her in the first place.

And second, I have the aforementioned acupuncture appointment on Thursday.  I am very excited about that.  I just hope the acupuncture doc isn't overwhelmed by my complaints -- digestive problems, itching all over my body, wacky menstrual cycles, OH MY!  I found this acupuncturist via good online reviews, so I have a lot of hope.  If nothing else, it will be interesting!

Other than that, not too much.  P's going out of town for work for the week tomorrow.  Our living room furniture gets delivered Wednesday.  As much as I dislike being by myself, part of me is looking forward to a few days alone.  I'm envisioning some yoga sessions in the living room, fun solo walks with the dogs, maybe a chick flick or two.  :)  What sucks is when P comes home this weekend, I fly out a few hours later for a business trip.  However, we're both playing hooky Friday the 13th and have an excellent dinner planned on the town.  And we have fun plans for Valentine's Day as well.  And, if my wacky cycles stay somewhat consistent this time...I should be O'ing right around that time.  Here's to hoping it works out (and I don't end up O'ing while we're apart)!

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