Friday, February 27, 2009


I really think I jinxed myself on this whole TTC thing. You see, before Cycle 3 ended, I just had this marvelous, glowing feeling that I was actually pregnant! Seriously. And I wanted to do something cutesy to tell P. So I ordered bandanas for the dogs that say "I'm the big brother" (and sister, for my baby girl). And then I made the most adorable little bib on to give to P. It has a picture of a biscuit and says "Daddy's Little Biscuit." (P. is irrationally obsessed with biscuits; this tidbit might make this saying sound an iota less strange). And because I go for overkill, I got a really cute "Bun in the Oven" shirt.

And of course, these things now sit in a long-forgotten plastic bag in my closet. And I've no clue when or if I will ever get to unveil them.

Lame. :(

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