Thursday, February 5, 2009

Freaking Temp Fluctuations

Dear body, WTF is this?  ::points down to chart:: Why on Earth do my temperatures fluctuate so much?  You know all this does is piss me off.  Argh.

Something that is kind of interesting (but still annoys me) is the fact that my temperatures used to be much lower (and more consistent) than they have been over the past year. In fact, when I was going through my Lyme diagnosis debacle back in the day, one morning my temperature literally registered at 94.4 on my basal thermometer. I thought that I had done something wrong or the battery was dying, so I took my temp on a fever thermometer and it was 94.6. My doctor didn't believe me when I told her that. When I looked around on the interwebs, I discovered that generally anything below 95 degrees is considered hypothermia. WTF? My body is so bizarre. I've never registered a temp that low since then, but I have gone below 96 on several other occasions. But strangely enough, my temps have been relatively high as of late. Weird.

Anyway, I fasted last night and went in for my blood draw this morning. I broke a new personal record - I gave TEN (10!!!!) vials of blood this morning! I actually felt OK afterwards, although I've been feeling very nauseated since getting home. I'm glad I went ahead and took the whole day off. I dropped off my prescription for anti-nausea meds this morning, but it won't be ready for a while (my fault - I didn't feel like waiting). Anyway, I'm going to attempt to take a nap before my gastroenterologist appointment this afternoon. With any luck, I might get a little more sleep since I tossed and turned with nausea last night! Oh, the joys of mystery diseases...

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