Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Hello, Pineapple!

Today I am 3 DPO, according to FF. It corresponds to my CM and +OPK, but my temperatures are not the most convincing. It would help if my temps weren't all over the place pre-O. Oh well, the acupuncture doc is keeping an eye on that. So anyway, 3 DPO = third day of pineapple. At least there's always a silver lining. I love fresh pineapple better than almost anything else in the world. :)

In a familiar punch to the gut, I was forced to give urine for a pregnancy test this morning. I went in for my upper GI endoscopy, and of course, I'm "in that age group that they have to check." Ugh. Like I haven't seen enough negatives over the past year? Throw in a low blow right as I'm getting prepped for surgery. Geesh. The good news is that I don't have an ulcer, just inflammation of the stomach (otherwise known as gastritis). I have to take Prevacid and Zantac for 6 weeks to reduce the inflammation. The doc did, however, biopsy what appears to be bacteria within my stomach. I should know something in a couple days.

Yesterday I had a CT of my abdomen and pelvis to look for fun things like liver or pancreas damage. I will see my doctor next week and find out more. I also get to have a colonoscopy next week on the same day. Awesome. The fun never stops around here!

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