Wednesday, February 25, 2009

BFN x 2

Not that I was really expecting a BFP. In fact, I never test this early anymore, but I've tested now on 10 and 11 DPO because I have my colonoscopy on Friday, which will be 13 DPO. And undoubtedly the hospital will make me POAS before my anesthesia. So it would be a little embarrassing if I got to the hospital and got a BFP there. Not that I would be disappointed to miss my colonoscopy, of course. But I'm guessing a cancellation that late in the game might cause some problems. Anyway, it's just slightly empowering to POAS with the full expectation that the result will be BFN. It's no consolation, let me tell you; but it's better than testing with high hopes for a positive.

That said, Holy Temp Dip! ::points to chart below:: I couldn't believe how low my temp dipped yesterday. In fact, it was 96.8 (below cover line) when I first took my temp yesterday morning, but I immediately re-took it because I was half asleep and didn't have a good grip on the thermometer. The second reading was 97.2, which I stayed with. But still very close to the cover line. I normally would be expecting AF immediately after a dip like that, but the weirdest thing this cycle is the fact that I've yet to get my typical PMS cramps and spotting. I fully expect them to show up later today, or tomorrow at the latest.

Finally, I hope to goodness that I am able to fall asleep quickly tonight after my chiropractic adjustment! It's been taking me anywhere between 1 and 2 hours to fall asleep each night because my neck hurts so badly (I have a swollen nerve thanks to being out of alignment). I simply cannot wait for my appointment this afternoon!

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