Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm Annoyed With Myself

Gah, I have been so annoying the past couple days!  Between my disappointment at impending AF and the fact that I've felt like complete crap, I have not been much fun lately.  It' no wonder P. hasn't been feeling well, either.  I'd pretend to be sick if I had to deal with myself, too.  :P

In other news, it's freaking COLD here in southern Florida!  I had to dig out a winter coat and scarf just for the purpose of walking the dogs tonight.  We have the heat on in the house, even!  The good news is that it has been sunny.  And since we're getting solar heat installed to the pool this weekend, that is fantastic news.  And really, I can't complain about the weather THAT's supposed to reach 70+ degrees again by Friday.  I can't wait!

Anyway, back to AF Watch 2009.  I'm guessing I will need to call the OB's office tomorrow to get instructions as far as when to get my blood drawn...since it will most likely not be possible on CD3. 

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