Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Emotional Wreck

I had some more spotting last night, and it sent me over the edge.  Right in the middle of watching 24 with P, I started bawling.  With the spotting getting heavier and the cramping getting worse, it seems obvious to me that my period is going to start sooner than it should.  And that will totally throw off my schedule for getting my CD3 blood work done.  I mean, hopefully it won't make a huge difference - I might have to get it done a tad early or late - but why can't things just take place as scheduled?

I hope that getting my blood drawn on a different cycle day won't mess up the results too badly.  I'm sure they're going to suck anyway.  

Gawd, I just started crying again.  I am such a mess.  I keep getting this nagging feeling that God is trying to communicate to me that I am not supposed to have kids or something.  And considering the fact that we've only been trying for 8 months at this point, I truly admire and am in awe of couples who have been trying for so much longer.  How do you keep the faith?  I so wish I knew.

OK, enough of my blubbering.  Time for the inauguration.  Yay!

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