Thursday, January 15, 2009

Are My Cycles Regulating?

I've been so irregular for so long now that I have not bothered looking for any patterns in my cycles.  But today as I was entering my temp on FF, I realized that my last two cycles were fairly similar - I O'd on CD 25 and 26, and cycle length was 40 and 41 days.  And sure enough, this cycle I O'd on either CD 25 or 26.  Amazing!

That said, I've done a little too much Googling about late ovulation.  Apparently some doctors believe that there are problems when women O past CD 21 on a regular basis.  ::sigh::  Can I ever be normal?  I am now really interested to see what my blood test results will be after CD 3 testing next cycle.  I wonder if I will eventually end up on Clomid so I can O earlier?  I would rather avoid medication, but it sure would be nice to have more chances to conceive.

All in due time.

In other news, my Lyme seems to be flaring.  Perfect.  I get this awful generalized itching all over my body that literally wakes me up in the middle of the night because it is so bad.  I am on the verge of pursuing acupuncture because traditional doctors never seem to know how to handle my health issues.  I should just make an appointment now.  I need a swift kick in the ass.

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