Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Herb & Supplement Support

Today's CD 4. So I had my acupuncture appointment yesterday & was able to give the doc my last chart. I told him how I've been insanely irritable the past few days, and he seemed to understand this perfectly from my chart. He said because I didn't have my normal PMS symptoms - spotting for a few days, nausea, etc. - I am "getting it all out now." Mmmmkay.

And though my ovulation day did improve slightly (from CD 26-27 to CD 24), he still isn't happy with my follicular phase and he suggested some herbs and a supplement to help. I was ready for any help I could get, so I jumped all over it. Here's what I'm starting:

Chaste Tree (aka Vitex) - 83.3 mg 1x per day

Tribulus - 725 mg 3x per day, CD 5 - 14 only

Ovex (supplement) - 2x358 mg 3x per day, CD 5 - 14 only

So we'll see what happens. The doc said it will probably become very obvious next cycle whether or not this protocol is working. But he said if I get really lucky, I might see some improvement this cycle since I'll get to start my CD 5 - 14 stuff tomorrow. This makes me a little more hopeful for this (or the next few) cycles.

Also, since I've booked a super fab & fun 5th anniversary vacation for us this fall, I've decided 2 things: (1) If I will get KTFU, it will be right before this trip because we will be in Vegas and Napa & thus I will be unable to drink. :) (2) If #1 does not occur, I don't think I will pursue meeting with an RE until after said vacation. Why? I just want to have a relaxing time without having to worry about timing and protocols and everything else that would come with seeing an RE.

So, we have a plan of sorts. Yay for that!

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