Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Pills

My doctor ended up prescribing BuSpar to me today, and it is supposed to help with both anxiety and depression. And it's one of the very few medications that is rated category "B" for pregnancy. So there we go. I have my fingers crossed that this will help me get through the days with some happiness again!

In other news, my sister is officially in her second trimester! I've debated "announcing" this on my IRL blog ~ she said doesn't care either way. Eh, we'll see. She went off her anxiety and depression meds for her pregnancy, but she says she is dealing with some major depression now. That makes me so sad that she hasn't felt very excited about her pregnancy for quite some time. :( But I totally understand that it must be hard for her, withdrawing from her meds after being on them for YEARS. She's going to talk to her OB about getting back on something safe for pregnancy. Maybe we'll end up on the same meds. Who knows?

I honestly think that my sister had a hope tucked away, that she and I would be pregnant at the same time. I would have loved that, too. But as I explained to her, this is not something I can control. :( Oh well.

In other news, supposedly today is 7DPO. I feel crampy and dizzy. Fun times.


  1. Good news about the pills. I hope your sister finds some that will help her also.

    You still have time to be pregnant with your sister. And the evil IF gods deem that not to happen, when you do get pregnant, now you have someone who has gone through it and can give you advice (and maternity clothes)

    Good luck.

  2. I am so glad that you were able to get on pills that is safe for pregnancy! What a relief.

    I hope your sister finds some help and is able to enjoy this time. Good Luck with the rest of this cycle!

  3. Oooh! Excellent point on the hand-me-down maternity clothes! :) Lucky for me that we're about the same size!